Pictoral History of School Site

History, in pictures, of the Lowell/Perkins School Site

Lowell School 1906

The picture above was provided by the "San Diego Historical Society."  It is one of the earliest pictures of our school.  Our school has existed since the late 1800s.  Our school closed for a couple of years before WW2 but reopened in 1942 at our current site.  The picture above was taken in 1906 in a third grade classroom.

Lowell 1953
Above - This was the view of Lowell Elementary School in 1953 (now Perkins). The view is from the corner of Beardsley Street and Newton Ave. The main entrance was on Newton Ave. Lowell opened at the current site in 1942 It was modernized and rebuilt in 1958.  None of the buildings in this picture remain.

Lowell 1956
Above - This is another view of Lowell Elementary School. The main entrance to the school was located on Newton Avenue. This picture was taken in 1956.  In 1958 the school was demolished and completely rebuilt.  For almost two years, the students from Lowell went to Emerson Elementary School while the school was in the process of being modernized.

Lowell 1960
In 1960 students returned to a beautiful school that had been completely rebuilt. The main entrance to the school was now located on Beardsley Street.

Lowell School 1967

This is a view of the school in 1967.  The main entrance was located on Beardsley Street.

Gracw W Perkins
In 1990 the school was renamed.  The picture above shows Mr. Perkins, husband of former principal Grace Perkins unveiling the new name of the school.  The following year, in 1991, the school was modernized and rebuilt. 

Perkins Site 1991

Above - Students were playing in the playground before the reconstruction in 1991.  The principal's office is now located where the swings are in this picture.  You are looking towards the corner of Main Street and Beardsley Street.

School site 1991

The ground was getting prepared.  This picture was taken in 1991.  That cargo container which is behind and to the right of the man with the hose is still at the same location in 2023.

Perkins 1993

This is what the school looked like after it was rebuilt and modernized in 1992.  This picture was taken in 2004. In 2005 SDG&E buried all the overhead utilities. The view in the community improved greatly after all overhead utility wires had been buried. This is the corner of Main Street and Beardsley.  The playground and the swings were located where the new building is standing now.

Please note this unique fact:  The official address of the school has changed three times in the last 65 years even though the school is located on the same site.  The address was changed due to the new location of the entrance to the school office after each rebuild.

1785 Newton Ave. ----This was the school's address before 1959.

1100 Beardsley Ave. ----This was the school's address until 1992.

1770 Main Street. ----This is our current address.


Perkins School 2007

This is Perkins, corner of Main Street & Beardsley Street in 2007.

Perkins School 2022

This is a corner of the school.  The children have built a garden with various crops.  The main entrance to the school is on Beardsley Street.


About every 30 years our school undergoes renovation and modernization.  Our next update will take place in 2025.

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