Perkins Mural Art

Perkins is in Barrio Logan, near downtown San Diego.  Ours is a neighborhood rich with beautiful murals.  Chicano Park, only three blocks away, is renowned for its art.  There are many beautiful and historical murals on the pylons supporting the Coronado Bridge in Chicano Park.  At Perkins we have very beautiful art on every building. The art is meant to be seen, admired, and inspire every day.  We believe that students should be surrounded by beauty that inspires, encourages, makes them dream and feel proud of the school and their community. These murals tell a story of feelings, dreams, perceptions of the world, and dreams for the future. They convey beauty and greatly enhance the academic environment.  We have surrounded our children with the art that would rival any world class museum.  Our students have participated in the creation of a lot of this art.  Please enjoy the following pictures of the beautiful art at Perkins K-8 School in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego.   Dream Until It's Your Reality

The following art is a combination of a mosaic completed by the students at Perkins under the guidance of Dan Evers who runs the Rainforest Project under a grant given to Perkins by the Malin Burnham Foundation and paintings by renowned muralist Mario Torrero.  This is on the auditorium facing Main Street. Auditorium Entrance

The following mural was painted in 2017 by a travelling artist from the Bay Area.  This is the "Young Girl with a Hen."

Girl with Hen


The following piece of art was painted in 2012 by a local artist named Dulce.  It was painted with the help of students.  It is on the elevator shaft at Perkins.  It is called the "Beautiful River Valley."  Many 2nd grade students helped paint this beautiful work of art.

River Valley by Dulce

The following work of art is was painted by renowned Chicano Park artist German Corrales as he guided students during a summer art class in 2023.

Monarch Butterfly Auditorium

The following mural was painted by students also guided by German Corrales.

Dinosaurs by students 2023

The following work of art was created by German Corrales as he and other muralists came to Perkins to give the children the gift of art to be enjoyed by all. This is the Magnificent Horse.

Magnificent Horse

The following is an extension of the "Magnificent Horse"  and it is the "Bright Desert Sun."

Magnificent Sun 

This is a Hummingbird created by "ShoLove", Eric De La Rosa.

Hummingbird by ShoLoveHummingbird on flower 

The following mural is also very special.  Perkins has a sister school in Vladivostok, Russia. We have had a strong relationship with Public School 78 in Vladivostok over the last ten years.  They have sent several delegations of students to Perkins and we have also taken several delegations of students to School 78 for visits that last two weeks.  Due to events out of our control our relationship is currently on pause.  The following mural shows the dream of peace between the USA and Russia.  It shows the seeds of peace and love being nurtured by a woman from San Diego's Barrio Logan neighborhood and a man from the community around School 78 in Vladivostok, Russia.

Flower of Peace, Russia & USA

The following mural was done with the help of a wonderful local organization called "A Reason to Survive" or A.R.T.S.  This mural is also full of beauty and inspriation.

Believe in Yourself

The following mural was painted by students during the summer of 2022 guided by teacher and Chicano Park muralist German Corrales.  It is a beautiful "Southwest Desert" mural.

Southwest Desert

We have so much art at Perkins.  The following picture is the view that the community has as they enter the school every morning through the gate on Newton Avenue.

Newton Ave gate entrance

You must see the beautiful narwhal.


The following view shows many different murals, some of which have already been shown in the pictures above.  Please notice how the auditorium, on the left side has a beautiful combination of art that continues to inspire, encourage, and help students dream.  This instills deep pride in our community.

View of grassy area

Please admire the "Fusion of Two Cultures."

Fusion of Two Cultures

We also have many mosaics that have been created by students under the guidance of the "Rainforest Project" with funding from the Malin Burnham Foundation.  Please notice how beautiful the entrance to the main office has become.

Perkins Main Office Mosaic

Notice the mosaic of the Perkins Eagle.

Perkins Eagle

Malin Burnham's "Seven Virtues of Excellence." 

Seven Virtues of Excellence

The following is another mural by "A.R.T.S" A Reason to Survive.  It inspires every day.

Dream Big

The following mural is an Aztec Bumble Bee.

Aztec Bumble Bee by German Corrales

This is an Aztec student.

Aztec Youth

The following is a symbol associated with Cesar Chavez and his love for people, and struggle for justice.

Cesar Chavez Heart

The following is a view of the lunch arbor at Perkins.  Notice how colorful the area is for students.

Perkins Lunch Arbor

Please notice the beauty of this Mexican doll at the entrance to the girls restroom outside the auditorium.

Mexican Doll outside girls restroom

Our new beautiful "Wall Ball" court.

Wall Ball court at Perkins

"Love Yourself" monarch butterfly by NAN.

Monarch Buttlerfly by NAN

The following is art by a renowned Chicano Park muralist, Núñez.

Beautiful Art by Núñez

We are all family at Perkins.

We are family at Perkins

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