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Dear families from Vlapostok,

On October 2nd a little bit after midnight the delegation from School 78 finally arrived on the last flight from San Francisco. The host families were awaiting with anticipation the arrival of their guests with flowers, balloons, and posters welcoming them to San Diego. The meeting was excellent. Everything went well. The temperature was 72 degrees at midnight. Everyone went home to rest and relax and get ready for school the next morning.

October 2nd was a hot day. Students from Perkins had placed welcoming posters all around the school. The posters were written in both English and Russian. The staff had prepared a special breakfast at school for the students. At about 9:30 am we began the tour of the school. Perkins students were very eager to meet our special guests from Vlapostok. As we walked from room to room we observed lessons in action and our Vlapostok guests immediately began to use their English. We were immediately impressed with the fantastic English level that Igor possesses. His knowledge of English is very high and this is a testament to his excellent teachers in Vlapostok. Sasha S was translating everything into Russian correctly. He has been very attentive and has an excellent sense of humor. Ilya was a little worried that his English level was not that good and that he wouldn't be able to communicate but I believe that he spoke more English than anyone else on this day. It was very pleasant to Masha return to San Diego. We see the growth in her language ability from last year to this year. She has made so much progress. Sasha M has also been an excellent student. His English pronunciation is better than ever. Like Masha he was also immediately recognized by the Perkins School Community. Julia has been speaking a lot with the members of her host family. This is the type of conversation that we encourage among all students. Polina had a very special day today. It was her birthday. She woke up to a rendition of a Mexican birthday song "Las Mañanitas" sung by her host family. At school there was another surprise waiting for her. The students had prepared a "piñata" full of candy. The piñata is a part of a Mexican celebration tradition that has now become part of American culture in the American Southwest. The younger students were the ones who showed Polina how to hit the piñata. Polina finally got her turn and she sent a lot of candy flying. Julia had her turn and finally Ilya destroyed it sending all the children scrambling to get as much candy as possible. Ms. Del Toro brought a wonderful birthday cake for Polina and we sang happy birthday. The students then went home to spend their first evening with their families. The temperature was 95 degrees at 12 noon but the students from Vlapostok never once complained about the weather.

Friday evening (San Diego time) there will be more details and pictures posted on this site.
Thank you parents from Vlapostok. Your children have brought us so much richness to our school community and we are much better off because of this. We thank you greatly.
Mr. Hernandez---Principal

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